5 Reasons That Cookie Gifts Are the Best to Give and Receive

cookie gifts

About half of Americans claim that finding the perfect gift gives them some level of anxiety. Can you relate?

You spend weeks shopping for the perfect item and your anxiety grows during every shopping trip. Nothing seems quite right and the event or holiday is quickly approaching. Now what?

Why not consider getting the giftee a cookie gift?

Cookie gifts are a fantastic way to show someone you care. We’re here to talk about why you should buy cookies for your next gift. Read on to learn more.

1. They Work for Any Occasion

One of the top benefits of giving cookies as a gift is that it doesn’t really matter what the gift is for. There are cookies for every occasion and no one will ever turn down a cookie even for a non-occasion gift.

You can give a cookie apology gift after hurting someone’s feelings, a cookie birthday gift for someone to eat when their cake is gone, and even cookie gifts for anniversaries and holidays.

Decorative cookies are great for this, but you can also keep your cookies generic if they’re not for a specific event.

Cookies are even great for group gifts. Are you trying to show appreciation to your employees? Bring in a batch of cookies.

Cookies also make great gifts for guests. They’re affordable when you compare them to other party favors for events like weddings and large birthday parties and everyone gets to bring a special snack home with them.

Housewarming parties are also a great occasion for cookies. The host can then share the cookies with their guests or keep them to themselves.

2. They’re Sharable

You might be thinking that no one wants an entire box of cookies to themselves. This isn’t true at all (trust us, we could eat them all day), but it also wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing even if it was true.

When you give someone cookies, you’re giving them the opportunity to share them with their friends, family, and even you if you’re lucky. This can make the giftee feel good because they’re sharing their gift with others.

The shareability factor also makes cookies a great gift, again, for groups.

Sure, plenty of gifts are technically sharable. You can gift your employees or team a pizza or a large cake and they’ll certainly be grateful, but cookies are even easier to share.

A plate of cookies allows people to grab one (or two, or five) and go about their business. No one has to wait for a knife and a fork, or for anyone else to get their piece. Everyone gets their own individual snack.

3. Everyone Loves a Sweet Treat

When you’re looking for a gift for someone, it can get overwhelming. If you’re like us, you get so fixated on finding the perfect gift that you end up buying everything in sight or buying nothing at all, neither of which are good options.

The majority of people will appreciate cookies as a gift. They make a great gift regardless of the giftee. Sweets are almost always appreciated.

This doesn’t mean that cookies have to be the only gift. You might think that cookies and treats aren’t “enough” for large events, but they also make a great addition to gift baskets.

Make a gift basket with some gourmet cookies, a bottle of wine, and some trinkets that the giftee will love and you’ve created the perfect gift for a birthday or holiday gathering.

4. The Portability Factor

So if everyone loves a sweet treat, why not offer them other types of treats, like ice cream, cake, and pies?

Don’t get us wrong; we love those treats too. We’ll never turn down a sugary snack regardless of what form it takes, but cookies are convenient because they’re portable.

This is beneficial for several reasons.

First, if you’re having a party, cookies are easy to pick up and take with you with a napkin (or nothing at all) instead of a plate. You don’t have to sit at the snack table with your cookie.

Similarly, cookies can come with you on your commute and you can snack while you’re on your way. It’s not nearly as convenient to bring a slice of cake with you.

The portability factor also helps if your giftee is traveling with the gift. Sure, if the event is in their home, this isn’t a factor. If the event is somewhere else, however, they need to get the gift home somehow.

Cookies aren’t bulky in comparison to other treats and many other gifts.

5. There’s a Flavor for Everyone

Cookies come in almost any flavor under the sun. Whether your giftee likes fall pumpkin flavors, sweet sugary flavors, or even rich flavors like red velvet, there’s a cookie for them.

You can also order several flavors for a single cookie gift so your giftee can have a variety (this is best if you’re buying cookies for a larger event). It would be far more difficult to order several larger sweets!

Your giftee may discover a new flavor that they love.

We Love Giving Cookie Gifts

Cookie gifts are sweet, portable, sharable, and perfect for any occasion. Why wouldn’t you want to share a treat with your giftee(s)?

When you don’t know what to give the person who has everything, they’re sure to appreciate a box of cookies.

At Batch Cookie Shop, we have so many cookies to choose from for your next cookie gift. Check out our shop or visit us today to get your sweet treats!