7 Ideas for Using Cookie Crumbs

It’s said cookies were first developed around the 7th century and arrived in the US during the 17th century. Today, the average adult in America will eat approximately 35,000 cookies throughout their lifetime.

With all this cookie consumption, you’re sure to have a lot of cookie crumbs available in your home that you can put to good use. So, it’s time to get creative with your leftover cookies and their delicious crumbs.

To learn all the ways the cookie crumbles, keep reading to learn seven delectable ideas for cookie crumbs that will leave you wanting more!

1. Create a Crust Out of Cookie Crumbs

Cookie crumbs can serve as a tasty and easy way to make different types of crusts, so don’t think you’re stuck just using graham crackers. You can use the crumbs of your cookie to make pie crusts or a cheesecake base.

Any type of cookie will work, from peanut butter to chocolate chips, depending on the kind of pie or cheesecake you’re making.

The trick is to crush your cookie crumbs as finely as possible so that your crust will stay together. To do this, use a food processor or rolling pin.

2. Make Cookie Crumb Truffles

Another fun way to use up your leftover crumbs is to use them to make truffles. Better yet, you can order chocolate buttercream cookies as the crumbs of these cookies will make your truffles so much more decadent.

You can keep it simple and place your cookies in a bag with a zip-top and crush them up finely with a rolling pin. Next, add the crumbs to the bowl and mix in cream cheese, use a cookie scoop to form them into balls, then freeze.

Then, pour melted chocolate on them and freeze once again until they harden. Finally, take them out of the freezer, let them soften up, and enjoy!

You can check out this recipe for more inspiration if you’re looking for different cookie crumb truffle ideas.

3. Put Your Cookie Crumbs Into a Milkshake

All you need is any flavor ice cream, milk, a blender, and cookie crumbs to create this sweet treat.

Simply throw your cookies into the mix and blend away. Blending any type of cookie crumbs into your milkshake makes it taste like a unique and delicious creamy cookie treat.

Make sure you save extra cookie crumbs to sprinkle on the top of your milkshake when you’re done. Also, don’t forget to save a cookie so you can place it on top of your milkshake for dunking purposes.

4. Mix Cookie Crumbs Into Other Foods

Cookie crumbs are a great way to add texture and flavor to a variety of foods. You can add cookie crumbs into plain yogurt or even frozen yogurt for a tasty frozen treat.

You can also add cookie crumbs to your oatmeal in the morning to change your breakfast for the better. Simply take 1/4 cup of cookie crumbs or larger chunks if you’d like and add them to the mix.

You can experiment with the amount of cookie crumbs you want to add to get the ratio of cookies and oatmeal just right.

5. Use Cookie Crumbs as a Crumble for Cakes

Instead of a traditional crumble recipe, you can use cookie crumbs instead to top crumb cakes, coffee cakes, cupcakes, and carrot cakes.

You can put your cookies in a zip-top bag and crush them to the texture you would like for your crumble.

To keep your cookies and crumbs fresh until you’re ready to use them, place them in a freezer-safe bag or airtight storage container and put them in your refrigerator.

Cookies only last about 2 to 3 weeks at room temperature, but they can stay fresh for 1 to 2 months in your refrigerator.

6. Turn Your Cookie Crumbs Into Cookie Butter

Cookie butter is becoming increasingly popular these days, and the best thing about it is that you can spread it on almost anything your heart desires.

In addition, you can use it to make different recipes like cookie butter sugar cookies, cookie butter brownies, cookie butter ice cream, and cookie butter Rice Krispie treats.

Traditional cookie butter is made from pulverized spice cookies, but you can use gingersnaps and gingerbread cookies to get the flavor you’re looking for. If you don’t have either of those on hand, you can try out whatever type of cookie you have and invent a cookie butter recipe of your own.

The best thing about cookie butter is that it’s simple to make. You’ll just need to pulverize your cookies into fine crumbs, add heavy cream, butter, vanilla, and cinnamon, and blend until it’s smooth and creamy.

7. Make Cookie Crumb Banana Pudding

You probably have made banana pudding before, and it never seemed like you could replace the chunks of vanilla wafers that give its sweet flavor and texture.

The good news is you can put any type of cookies you want in your banana pudding and make it as unique as you are. First, break up any flavor cookies you have into larger chunks, so it soaks up the banana flavor.

Next, crush up the rest of your cookies into fine crumbs, and cover the top of your banana pudding.

You can also apply this to other types of recipes like a trifle.

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