8 Unique Cookie Flavors to Elevate Your Dessert Palate

unique cookie flavors

Imagine yourself in this nightmare scenario:

Your kid comes to you and tells you that they forgot to mention that they need you to bring a batch of cookies to the school bake sale tomorrow.

Panic is fully setting in, as you realize that chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin simply won’t cut it when it comes to impressing the other PTA moms. 

You’re scouring the internet for unique cookie flavors that you can whip up, all the while, the clock is counting down.

If this gave you second-hand anxiety, you’re not alone.

Read on to discover 8 unusual cookie flavors so that you always have a secret recipe in your back pocket!

1. Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies

There’s nothing more decadent and rich than a cheesecake. Cheesecake is usually associated with indulgence and deep flavor, but it isn’t normally a kid’s favorite or a dessert that’s easy to whip up in bulk.

Enter: the Strawberry Cheesecake Cookie.

This cookie version of your favorite dessert takes on the cream cheese flavor of the cheesecake while keeping the total preparation time relatively low.

Combine cream cheese, fresh strawberries, lemon juice, and white chocolate with your traditional cookie ingredients to make these crowd-pleasing cookies!

2. Maple Brown Sugar Cookies

If your family begs you to make a buttery stack of pancakes every Sunday, these cookies will be sure to please.

These cookies are filled with maple syrup, giving them a sticky and sweet taste. If you want to add an extra twist, top these cookies with maple icing and make them truly irresistible.

There’s no such thing as cookies that are too sweet and these cookies definitely prove it!

3. Kitchen Sink Cookies

Potato chips, pretzels, nuts, and sea salt. What do all of these ingredients have in common? You wouldn’t think to put them in a cookie!

Kitchen Sink Cookies get their name from the fact that they’re made from everything but the kitchen sink!

These cookies are easily thrown together with leftover ingredients you may have laying around your house.

While it may seem odd, the combination of sweet and salty flavors works surprisingly well to create a complex flavor profile. These cookies are truly out-of-the-box and unique, but kids especially will love them!

4. Brown Butter Bourbon Cookies

These cookies may have a secret, adult ingredient, but not to worry, they are suitable for all ages!

Include just enough bourbon in these cookies to give them a bit of a kick! The deep flavor of the bourbon gives the cookies a spice that you’d never expect, all while keeping the sweetness of the brown sugar.

Of course, a cookie is only as good as its toppings. Therefore, the recommended addition for this cookie is pecans!

These cookies may appear on the outside to be classic and traditional, but anyone who tries them will be asking for the recipe.

5. Black Sesame Cookies

If you’re truly on the hunt for interesting cookie flavors, you’ll have to venture outside of the United States. Black Sesame is a flavor popular in Japan.

Technically a spice, black sesame is a strong, nutty flavor that is used in Asian desserts as well as savory dishes.

In a cookie, black sesame seeds will add a crunchy texture, surrounded by a perfectly chewy cookie.

Don’t skimp on the butter here in order to ensure that your cookie is golden and flakey!

6. Sweet Potato Cookies

Convincing your family to eat their vegetables instead of skipping right to dessert can be a daily struggle. The solution? Why not combine the two?

This cookie recipe contains a base of sweet potato, which is an excellent source of fiber.

Luckily, you’d never guess because the sweet flavor of the vegetable blends right in.

These cookies are perfect for Autumn when you top them with cinnamon, nutmeg, or pumpkin pie spice.

If you’re not morally above tricking your kids into eating healthy, these cookies are for you!

7. Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

As the holidays loom, you’ll need something for Santa to enjoy. These chocolate peppermint cookies are sure to bring the festive spirit to your household.

For the perfect, subtle peppermint flavor, use a hint of peppermint extract in your dough. Then, crush a candy cane to sprinkle on top of the cookie. Finally, brush the cookie with confectioner’s sugar for that snow-kissed look.

Don’t be surprised if your family doesn’t leave any for Santa. Who could blame them?

8. Neapolitan Cookies

If you can’t decide on one flavor of cookies to bake, why not choose 3? Neapolitan cookies are tri-colored cookies that combine 3 family-favorite flavors.

Not only are these cookies incredibly beautiful to look at due to their multi-colored appearance, but they’ll also reduce any fighting over whose favorite flavor you’re making this time.

To make these cookies, divide your dough in three and add cocoa powder to one-third, strawberries to one-third, and vanilla extract to one-third.

If chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry aren’t your favorite, swap one or all three out for your favorite flavors! The possibilities are endless here and you get to make the rules.

Don’t Shy Away From Unique Cookie Flavors

If you’ve been baking your grandma’s secret recipe for cookies for years on repeat now, give yourself permission to try something new!

Your family will love these unique cookie flavors that they’ve never tried before. Plus, you’re going to guarantee that you aren’t bringing a duplicate dessert to whichever potluck or bake sale is lucky enough to get your cookies.

If you need some inspiration, click here to order unusual cookie flavors online! They’ll be delivered to your door before you can pour the milk.