cute cookie cutters

On average, Americans consume 300 cookies a year, or up to 35,000 cookies in their lifetime!

There is no doubt about it—we love cookies. When it comes to these delectable treats, we also love cookie creativity. Our cookie-filled lives would be drab with only one shape of cookie cutters.

We are lucky to have so many different cookie cutters available to us. The sky is the limit when it comes to cookie shapes. Fun shapes let our cookie-loving imaginations go wild!

Keep reading for a list of our favorite cute cookie cutters.

Holiday Cookie Cutters

Holiday cookie cutters are a wonderful addition to all of the holidays over the years. The best cookie cutters allow us to bring a festive touch to our favorite sweet treats.

These cookie cutters can be used to cut out various gourmet cookies such as gingerbread, shortbread, sugar cookies, spice cookies, and even pie crust details.


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house—there were plates and plates of Christmas cookies!

Holiday cookies are festive delights! These cookies bring seasonal joy with the use of recognizable holiday shapes. Some of these include Christmas trees, wreaths, stockings, bells, stockings, and gingerbread men.


Cookie cutters bring fun shapes to pastel-colored Easter cookies. They are shaped in the shape of bunnies, lambs, and eggs. And don’t forget the flowers! There are cookie cutters available in many different flower shapes, including tulips and daisies.

Valentine’s Day

Hearts, hearts, and more hearts! The universal symbol of Valentine’s day, heart cookie cutters deliver a wide variety of sizes and colors of hearts. Heart-shaped cookies are the best way to show your love. These are great for weddings and anniversaries too!


This spooky time of year is the perfect holiday to break out some fun Halloween cookie cutters! Cookies shaped into scary forms of ghosts, witches, haunted houses, and pumpkins are perfect as Halloween-themed snacks for family and friends.


The change of the season brings on a change of cookie cutters! Swap your cookie cutters seasonally for tasty, seasonal fun!


There is much more to winter than Christmas and New Year holidays! Winter cookie cutters give us the creativity to make cookies out of everything winter-related! These include snowmen, various snowflakes, mittens, winter cottages, and pine trees.


The arrival of spring means the arrival of our springtime cookie cutters! Umbrellas, flowers, raindrops, ladybugs, and sheep are some of the springtime-themed cookie cutters you can choose.


Sun-filled days need sunny, summer cookie cutter themes! These might include sun shapes, ice cream cones, palm trees, strawberries, and popsicles. Summer fun is kicked up with the use of summery cookie cutters.


Fall is perfect to bust out cookie-cutter shapes in every fall-related shape. This means leaves and tea cups and back-to-school goodies like pencils and school buses. Fall is also the time for Thanksgiving, so look for cookie cutter shapes, including turkey shapes, pumpkins, acorns, and footballs!

Cookie Cutters in Geometric Shapes

While we see lots of circle cookies, the availability of various geometric cookie cutter shapes allows us to get creative! Surprise your loved ones with some uniquely shaped cookies.

Squares and Rectangles

While we often find bars in brownies in square and rectangle shapes, surprise everyone by choosing a quadrilateral cookie cutter! Cookies shaped in squares and rectangles add some interest and make for a nice base by letting your cookie cutter ideas and decorations stand out.


Whether it’s for the 4th of July, a superhero birthday party, New Year’s party, or a graduation, star cookie cutters are a stellar choice! Choose stars in an array of sizes and with a varied number of points.


Surprise your friends with cookie cutters in the shape of triangles! They make fun shapes on their own or when set up on a platter in a variety of formations. The three-edge shape makes for an interesting unexpected cookie form.

Animal Cookie Cutters

Animal shapes are among the most fun cookie cutter shapes to use! We all love animals, and they can be used within other holiday and party themes.

Farm Animals

We are Old McDonald had a variety of cookie cutters too! Look for cookie cutters in the shapes of horses, ducks, cows, tractors, and pigs. These are great for a farm theme party. Use sheep and chicks for Easter and springtime themes and turkeys for fall and Thanksgiving.

Under the Sea

The animals of the sea are a delight in cookie cutter forms! Shells, sea horses, starfish, and crabs are fun when in cookie shapes. But don’t forget about the variety of fish—angelfish, sharks, and goldfish cookie cutters make for a wonderful underwater party!


Bird cookie cutters can be used in so many ways for so many different occasions! For spring, it could be the shape of a cardinal or a sparrow. For a wedding, it could be a swan or a dove. For a tropical party, a parrot or flamingo. And for other creative bird cookie ideas, you could even turn to an owl or penguin cookie cutter. The selection and usage of bird cookie cutters are endless!


When we speak about animal cookie cutters, we have to include our prehistoric friends! these cookie cutters will not rule the earth, but will rule a dinosaur-themed party for sure! Discover the fun of incorporating a Tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, brontosaurus, and stegosaurus into a delicious cookie.

Letters and Numbers

Letter and number-shaped cookie cutters can be used in many creative ways! Use letters to spell out the names of people and companies. Use numbers to celebrate life’s special events like anniversaries and birthdays.

Lots of Cute Cookie Cutters

Cute cookie cutters fill our world with delightful creatively-shaped cookies. From holidays and geometric shapes to animals and seasons, there are no limits to cookie cutter creativity!

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