When to Order

Orders must be placed 72 hours in advance.


Pickup Times

Anytime between 10am- 9pm.



Minimum Order Size

Minimum order of 50 cookies for catering pricing to apply. 


Can the cookie flavors be split?

Sure! But you must order them in batches of at least 25 of the same flavor.

Example order: 

25 Chocolate Chip Cookies

50 Sugar Cookies

75 Snickerdoodle


What flavors are available for Cookie Cakes?

Almost all of them!

Give us a call to choose:

  • cookie flavor
  • frosting flavor and design
  • messages or names you want piped on top

Cookie Sizes

Regular size

Catering Size


(Regular Size vs Catering Size)

Cookie Cake Sizes

10 in

8 in

6 in




Regular Size: Starts at $2.50

Catering Size : Starts at $1.50

(Individual packaging available for small fee)

Cookie Cakes:

10in: $35

8in:   $25

6in:   $15


*Marked flavors available in Regular Size only

** Marked flavors have seasonal availability