Our Favorite Wedding Cake Alternatives for Your Big Day

Every year, there are over 1.67 million marriages in the US. When so many people tie the knot yearly, it’s tough to make your wedding 100% unique.

And that’s ok! There are bound to be certain elements that overlap with other weddings. But so long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

Traditionalists will want to have a wedding cake to cut, feed to one another, then serve to their guests. But if you want to be bold and daring, there are plenty of wedding cake alternatives available.

Check out some alternatives to wedding cakes you can use for your big day!


Pies are a great wedding cake alternative since they’re still sweet. And they’re still a large baked good you can serve up to your guests slice by slice.

If you’re an adept baker, then you can put a personal touch on the pies you serve (this goes for all the suggestions on this list). However, it might be better to work with a caterer since that can take a huge burden off your shoulders.

They also have more resources available, so they can bake more cakes faster. They might also have more flavors available, such as apple, blueberry, pumpkin, and pecan.

You can also “dress up” pies if you feel like they’re too plain for a wedding. For example, you can put in toothpick toppers or spread edible flowers on top.


Cupcakes are fantastic because they cut the slicing work out. There’s also no need for plates or utensils, so your wedding guests can grab and go!

It’ll be easier for them to stand around and talk to one another at your reception. They can even get out on the dancefloor and sneak bites of their cupcakes with ease!

Another benefit of choosing cupcakes for your wedding is they’re mini versions of cakes. So you’re still being traditional, yet you’re not!


A croquembouche is a French pastry that’s a sight to behold. It’s a tall tower made up of choux pastries filled with cream.

These pastries are held together with caramel syrup, which is sugary goodness. But that’s not all; the tower is further decorated with spun sugar ribbons. Some bakers also use drizzles of icing sugar, chocolate, or more caramel.

You can set a plain croquembouche on top of a traditional wedding cake so you can have your cake and eat it too. Or you can embellish it with other decorations, such as edible flowers and chocolate pearls.

Croquembouches are notoriously hard to nail, so we don’t recommend you attempt it yourself!


Wedding doughnuts are an excellent choice if your wedding is on the more laid-back side. An added bonus is they’re not expensive either, especially when you order in bulk.

Of course, you want to make them a bit more special for your big day. You can decorate each one with edible heart candies, toothpick toppers, and more.

Get a 3-tiered cake stand or a nice silver tray to set the doughnuts on. Your guests can then grab and go like with cupcakes. No utensils or plates required!


For something small and dainty, choose macarons. These delicate treats are the epitome of class and elegance, so they’re perfect for a classy wedding.

However, don’t just choose a random baker or confectioner for your macarons. These desserts are tough to get right, and you want to impress your guests’ palates.

Make sure you pick a confectioner that’s well-known, such as Laduree. It might cost a bit more to do so, but you won’t regret it when your guests are raving about your wedding macarons.


Don’t like macarons? Then an alternative that’s equally small is meringues, although you can make them any size you desire. Their little peaked tops and round and full bodies are reminiscent of Hershey Kisses, but classier (and more delicious too!).

This French treat is nice and light, so you won’t have to worry about your guests feeling bogged down and lethargic after having one or two. This also means they’re low in calories, so they’re great for people who are watching their weight!

Cookie Cakes

Who doesn’t like cookies? But you can take it up another level and get a cookie cake (or a few) for your wedding.

professional baker can whip up cookie cakes that have multiple layers and delicious frosting, as well as touches of personalization to make your cakes unique. These cakes will be spectacular to see, and you can order several different sizes and flavors to cater to every taste.

Dessert Tables

Can decide on just one thing from above? Why should you have to? Go for some dessert tables instead!

By picking and choosing your favorite options, you can give your guests a wide range to choose from when their stomachs are rumbling. That way, you’ve covered all your bases. And you can also nibble on multiple delicious treats!

Pick tablecloths that match your wedding’s color scheme. Sprinkle love-themed confetti and streamers to make your dessert tables look festive.

Consider These Wedding Cake Alternatives

If you want your special day to have a special twist, then these wedding cake alternatives should do the trick. From pies, cupcakes, croquembouches, and doughnuts, to macarons, meringues, and cookies, you won’t be short on choices.

And if you can’t decide, throw all your favorites onto some dessert tables. With some tasteful decorations, they’ll look fantastic and irresistible!

If you’d like to serve up cookies or cookie cakes as an alternative to a wedding cake, then Batch Cookie Shop is perfect for the job. Order from us now!