Batch Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs the use of personal data collected and used by, owned and operated by Batch Cookie Shop LLC based in Arizona.

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are a common tool used online to learn about and respond to user website activities. They are stored on your device’s web browser by the websites you visit. Most websites, web applications and mobile applications use cookies to improve your user experience.

Our website tracking software (Google Analytics) uses a set of cookies to collect information and report site usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors. Our shopping cart software (Woocommerce) also uses cookies to help us process your order.

Personally identifiable information is only collected when you subscribe to our email list or place an online order. Your information is only used to process your order or add you to our email list and is never shared or sold to third parties.

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy, please contact us.

Last updated June 29, 2023