The Perfect Cookie Cake for Any Occasion

It’s said that we eat roughly two billion cookies each year as a country. With our love for sweet baked goods so vast, it’s difficult to find a delectable treat better than the classic cookie.

Enter the cake made out of a cookie: the cookie cake. It’s the dessert you didn’t know you needed, and its options are limitless.

If you’re wondering which cookie cakes are best and how you go about picking one, keep reading.

What Is a Cookie Cake?

You’ve eaten a cookie, and you’ve eaten a cake, but a cookie cake takes the best qualities of each and combines them into peak deliciousness.

Cookie cakes are giant cookies that serve anywhere from 6-12 people. They can be flat like a pizza or stacked on top of one another (with frosting in between each layer!) to form a more cake-like structure.

They’re great for any type of event you could think of, including birthdays, office parties, holidays, and even weddings. Plus, they’re completely customizable, so you can get the cookie cake that’s right for you.

So How Do You Choose One?

Let’s be honest, there’s no wrong cookie cake. Which one you choose will depend on the reason you’re buying it and who will be enjoying it.

For example, if you’re picking out a dessert for a 4th of July picnic, a cookie cake with red, white, and blue M&Ms in it would be a perfect option. Looking for a Valentine’s Day dessert? Look no further than a heart-shaped cookie cake covered in red and white icing.

And if you’re buying a cookie cake for a special someone’s birthday, graduation, or other celebration, picking out a cake made of the guest of honor’s favorite flavor is your best bet.

Make sure you choose a cookie cake that’s big enough to feed all of your guests (or buy more than one, if needed!). And don’t forget to pay attention to the ingredients in the cookie cake to be aware of any allergies.

Whether you’re a lover of caramel, pretzels, rainbow sprinkles, dark chocolate, or even crumbled mints, there’s a cookie cake with your name written all over it (both literally and figuratively!).

Cookie Cakes You Need to Try

Maybe you know exactly which kind of cookie cake is calling to you. But if you’re like most people, there are so many options that you’re not sure where to start!

Here’s a list of decadent cookie cake flavors that are crowd favorites.

Chocolate Chip

As the most popular cookie cake flavor around, this one is a classic. Get your cookie cake made with regular chocolate chips or semi-sweet ones, and decide whether you want to kick it up a notch by adding walnuts.

You can even opt for a gluten-free version of this cookie cake!

Sugar Cookie

Another classic, a sugar cookie cake is always a hit. Unlike a regular old sugar cookie, these are thick and frosted with delicious buttercream frosting. You can even request a multi-layered cake to make it more festive.


Ever wish you could take the cinnamon filling in cinnamon rolls and put it into a cookie? Well, turns out you can.

Snickerdoodle cookie cakes are made up of swirls of that sweet cinnamon roll concoction and have an added layer of cinnamon on top for a little bit of crunch. These cookie cakes are a perfect dessert (or breakfast, we won’t tell!).

Birthday Cake

An obvious pick for any birthday celebration, this cookie cake is super tasty too.

Similar to a sugar cookie cake, a birthday cake cookie cake is made of a sugar cookie but has a cake batter frosting to go on top. And what makes it really stand out? The rainbow sprinkles that give it its “let’s party!” vibe.

Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake

If there was ever an elegant cookie cake, it’s this one. The raspberry chocolate cheesecake cookie cake combines a dark chocolate cookie with a raspberry cream cheese frosting. The color is so vibrant and beautiful that you’ll have a hard time passing this one up!

Caramel M&M

Pops of colorful M&Ms make this cookie cake a pretty one to see. A caramel M&M cookie cake is full of – you guessed it – caramel M&Ms! Plus little bits of caramel to make the cookie cake even sweeter.

If caramel isn’t your favorite, you can get a cookie cake full of regular M&Ms instead.

Andes Mint Chocolate

This cookie cake doesn’t just taste like a minty fresh dream, it looks like one too!

The Andes mint chocolate cookie cake is made with a base of chocolate cookies and topped with fudge. On top, it boasts crumbly Andes mint pieces as well as a minty drizzle. What other dessert will leave your mouth smelling so fresh?

Chocolate Lava

Maybe you want a cookie, and you want cake…but you also want lava cake?

The chocolate lava cookie cake is all of that and more. Made of a deluxe chocolate cookie filled with gooey fudge, just cutting into it will have your mouth watering. If you’re a chocolate lover, put this cookie cake at the top of your list.

Lemon Shortbread

Sometimes you need a little tangy flavor to go with your dessert, and that’s where the lemon shortbread cookie cake comes in.

This cookie cake is made of lemon shortbread that’s covered with a tasty lemon glaze. It even has lemon zest on top for a little extra flavor! It’s the perfect cookie cake for a spring or summer day.


You’ve heard of the everything bagel, but what about the everything cookie cake?

These snack-style cookie cakes are filled with M&Ms, peanut butter, chocolate chips, pretzels, and oats. The cake is made with almond-flavored cookies for that delightful nutty taste.

This cookie cake is perfect for those who can’t pick just one yummy ingredient! And you can make it gluten-free, too.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

A seasonal classic, this cookie cake is full of semi-sweet chocolate chips and is packed with all the pumpkin flavor, plus a super soft cookie texture. But you’ll have to plan for this one, as it’s only available in October and November!

Have You Tried the Best Cookie Cakes Around?

Now that you’re convinced cookie cakes are the best dessert option out there, you’re ready to find out which one is your favorite.

Our cookie cakes are packed full of flavor and can be customized to fit your exact needs. Ready to taste the best of the best? Order one of our cookies or cookie cakes today!